Thursday, May 12, 2011


We woke up and checked in for our sailing adventure. We had a bakery breakfast and then checked out of the hostel. We walked around Airlie Beach for a little bit then headed up to the Abel Point Marina to dock. There were about 16 of us all together excluding the crew.

We started sailing, me being cautious of sea sickness went to sleep in my little cute lair. I woke up to hear the briefing on scuba diving and snorkelling. At a reef spot called Luncheon Bay, the certified divers went out first, then the snorkelers - then the 4 intro divers which was Carlos, Chris, Filipo and I.

We were all a little anxious of our first experience. We got into the tender and was scooted off to the beach. We practised essential skills and then went diving. I obsessed way too much with my breathing - as it was unnatural to breathe underwater I continuously thought I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I soon realised that I hadn't drowned or choked and I just needed to relax. I started enjoying myself - I was completely submerged in this underwater realm that was before me. Fishes swam past without care and coral shadowed the light from above.
This is Filipo, he is an independant traveller from Florence, Italy and is the funniest, carefree, dopey, big hearted and big everything man we've ever met. We were so fascinated with him because we've never met anyone like him! His behaviour and looks also reminded me of a big, friendly ape hahaha.

My goggles started playing up and as a newbie to diving - I started fretting again. It wasn't the right fit on my face so it continuously filled up with water no matter how tight I placed it on my head. The instructor continuously told me to blow the water out of my eyes. They were stinging from the salt water!

I got more of my Asian side out tonight


30 minutes seemed like 3 minutes down under and we all surfaced.

Then beer o'clock struck and we all chilled with dinner, dessert and drinks. People started nodding off to sleep so we moved into my lair to continue our game of cards.

Luca from Hostel

My winning streak from the day before didn't continue so I was getting pretty intoxicated from the wine and amaretto. Then I had a terrible night of sleep.