Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I went into the city then caught a tram out to my new place. I quickly popped into the grocery store to buy windex (but the cheaper version which I regret as it leaves streaks) and paper towels. I got home and started wiping down the windows, and cleaning what I could outside.

The windows were hectic outside, and I cleaned up all the sills. I also cleaned the door to the balcony. All this took longer than I thought, probably because I was tip toeing around the place as I hadn't vacuumed up the foam from the carpet cleaner yet.

I went back into the city and hitched a ride home with Chris. I watched tv and cooked a random concoction of chicken for dinner - it was actually quite yummy! I just slapped onions, diced chicken, garlic, ginger and butter in the whole shibang.

After my routine television show of Masterchef, I grabbed my floor cleaner, mop, went to the shops to get an upholstery cleaner and creaming soda for my roommate.

The person who used to live in my room had took home the vacuum so I was doomed with no vacuum and stuck with a foamy room. So I called help from my security guard, Mohabs who lived 8 minutes away. I am so thankful for him! I said hello and stole his vacuum, mopped the balcony, vacuumed up the place and went on a hunt.
This was my rat bag pleading face to get Chris to help me. Can you see that I only got sunburnt on my nose from the Whitsundays so I look like a mouse?

Dun dun duuuuun, for milk crates. Yes, milk crates are going to be the foundation to my make shift bed. I took 10 from Chris' work, found 5 near my new place, I asked the petrol station to take 2 (but I ended up taking 3) and then I saw 3 stacked by a milk bar but because there was a camera - I just took one.

So in one day, we found 19 milk crates which was pretty good. I was expecting the task to be a lot more challenging. We didn't take anymore because I still don't know what bed size I'm going to get. Now I'll need to scrub them clean and go on a hunt for bargain mattresses.