Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I worked the cafe and then I started the office works. The first guy for his job interview came in - I like him, he seems sweet and modest. The second one, well both the owner and I think he wont last. He couldn't maintain eye contact and he was dressed so shifty and didn't even bring a resume in. They both have trial runs this weekend.

I then had a really long business meeting with a catering company. I learned quite a bit from these two experienced entrepreneurs discussing business and creativity. It was really intriguing.

Afterwards, the owner had to run so I dealt with the locksmith who came in at 2pm. We needed to change the office and security box keys because everyone thinks that there's too many copies around. It was done pretty quick, the guy was a young locksmith. We chatted and he told me about his new tattoo and how his dad is a tattoo artist, and we're both originally from Queensland.

After he finished, he gave me his boss' business card with his number scribbled on and said, "This is my private number if you ever need a private lock/key job done.."

And inside I was laughing thinking, "WHO NEEDS A PRIVATE LOCK/KEY JOB DONE??"

Then he asked if this place was open at night time and if I worked. I told him I bartend so he said he'd pop in for a drink on Saturday night. Was he subtly asking me out?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Afterwards I replied to some e-mails and worked on the function menu. My cafe boss made me two hot chocolates which looked like this..... I'm not surprised.
Firstly innocent

Then it got graphic

Raph doing a photo shoot in our lounge room

I stole his photo shoot bandana and decided to be a little ghetto BAHA

Then Pancake came over, but I was in the middle of eating my Vietnamese takeaway so he laughed at me using my fingers like a grub.

I hung out with Raph's mates then fell asleep super duper early at 9:30pm.


Richard Uttley said...

That's the 2nd cock I've seen drawn on a coffee in the last week, lol.