Monday, May 30, 2011


The owners are totally loving that they don't have to do jack shit while I'm around so they make me do EVERYTHING. Except I don't have the title, the pay or the authority. So I do everything a manager does but I'm just an employee. I do everything a personal assistant does without the pay.

But - I don't mind because I am learning. I am learning about the business side of things, the management side of things and other nifty neat tricks. It's all about experience for me.

So after work at the cafe, I started counting stock then the owner came. We met up, discussed last weekend, function packages, what needs to be done and what I will be doing. I also sourced some job applicants and set up interviews with them tomorrow. I then started on rosters and finished discussing in detail about the function packages. Then I did dirty tea towel laundry.

I went home and made a good copy of the function room descriptions to send out to customers, then finished up the rosters.

Then I ordered Thai for a second night in a row. I can't resist their yummy Thai food - no actually, its more about the free delivery system for me and how you get to order it all online. I mean, I tried to vary up my food a little by calling up a Vietnamese restaurant who did a $3 delivery fee - but he couldn't understand me so I gave up.

I sat on the balcony and enjoyed the cool breeze whilst the hot green curry hit my taste buds. Yummy!


Iyuk said...

desserts are just stressed in reverse so go get some dessert. (okay, I have to admit that it is corny to write that)

I like reading your blog and this is probably strange coming from a total stranger!

Anyway, keep on writing. Love it and put some youtube videos of you with your uke. My favourite was the tik tok cover on the ukulele. That was so good!

Take care!..especially at work! haha