Saturday, May 7, 2011


I met up with AJ with my eyes half closed in the early hours of Saturday morning. We met outside Flinders Street Station then caught a tram over to Prahran. My phone sucked at directions and we were dropped off a good number of blocks from the house inspection and we had 15 minutes to scurry over there.

Half way through the speed walk, I knew we were going to be late so I rang the guy and he said he can give us another 5 minutes and then he has to go to another inspection. So we sprinted all the way down. He stood there on the receiving end, surprised, that two girls actually ran to beat the 5 minute mark.

We went up to look at the apartment and its very cute and the area is great - we were quite happy!

We went back into the city and our stomachs were grumbling with hunger so we both had gyu tan don (ox tongue with rice). Then caught another tram out into Fitzroy/Brunswick area.

This area tends to be full of street wear enthusiasts and hippies but apparently its safer than Prahran which gets robbed all the time. Its much closer to the city and it is 1km out from where I used to live in Carlton.

My friend referred me to his friend, Raph who was looking for housemates as his were moving out. He had two rooms available for 3 months which is perfect for us! We went to have a look and were flabbergasted when we saw that it was a warehouse conversion housing (GORGEOUS!). It has 3 floors, bottom is basement and car space, then living room/lounge room/kitchen/foyer/balcony then 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, also another balcony. My eyes were gleaming with desire! This was the perfect place for my personality to come back to!

I was just hoping that Raph would take us in. I then went home to nap before work. Raph called me saying that he'd like us in (meaning that the other couple that was looking into it got rejected, phew!). So finally, I have found a place - a hot, steamy lair!

Chris and I ate at a local Japanese restaurant and wow the quality turned to crap in a matter of a few weeks. I was SO unhappy, and when the dopey waitress gave us our bill - she over charged us by like 25 dollars! And I pointed it out and she was so embarrassed. Then at the end I told her, "Just letting you know that your people put way too much vinegar in the rice that it burnt our lips. We couldn't eat it at all."

There were more to complain about but a Japanese restaurant should at least get the rice right.

I went to work. I started downstairs again which made the 2 hours fly by, then the bar got busy which meant we had to open upstairs. I was gutted as I went up to work at the lonely bar. Steve my bar manager then decided that it was too hectic downstairs and quiet upstairs so I went back down. Then the crowd flustered in to be busier and I was moved back up.

The band then made the mistake of shouting out, "$4 dollar shots upstairs" so I had to deal with an angry mob. Then sales upstairs were too slow so I was brought back downstairs. There was one Irish mob on holidays, and they asked what nationality I was - and I honestly said, "Half Taiwanese, half Irish." Of course they didn't believe me, and I told them my last name and they were still bewildered at how I got an Irish last name.

Then one of the cocky blokes just yells, "HAHA THIS GIRL THINKS SHE'S IRISH" and all his friends laughed. I felt so humiliated.

There were these two guys that came up to me and was like, "Is your name really 'Beautiful'?" then his mate goes, "Noo, it's 'Gorgeous'!" and I just stood there in disgust. Do guys just not have any idea about how to impress girls anymore?

Another Irish bloke from another group gave me a dollar tip and then thought that meant he was allowed to talk and harass me.

A fight broke out by the stage, and this crazy girl and her crazy guy friend were attacking Jarryd the security guard. As I stood there in shock, all the bartenders (I'm the only girl) went over to help - everyone got kicked out. But the girls were screaming out that the security guard hit a girl (which was totally bullshit) and all their guy friends went out of control. It was ridiculous and they were so immature! I ran out to grab the front security.

As the catastrophe was going on, that Irish dude came back trying to grab me. I was pushing him away and told him it was totally inappropriate. I knew nothing serious would happen in a crowd but I felt totally undignified as he tried to kiss me. I was trying to be assertive and went behind the bar - but as everyone was preoccupied no one stopped him from going behind the bar either. He was breathing down my neck in a drunk verbal vomit of "I think you're so pretty I'd want to bring you home." Then Remy came running in, pushed him away and just yelled at him. Then all his Irish friends went in a crazy, drunk uproar. Blah - it was disastrous.

My finger got cut by a bottle but I don't remember how. Everyone finally got out and we all cleaned up. Security all had blood on their faces and the tension was intense. Remy was angry at the Irish dudes for disrespecting me and they also stole drinks as the stage fight was happening.

Oh well, all the staff had a knock off drink and we gave each other family hugs. Hahahaha. I do have lovely people as company at work.


Richard Uttley said...

You be careful with those fingers, we need them to play guitar for the world :)

Anonymous said...

she can borrow a couple of my fingers anytime she wants, 2 inside her and my thumb stroking her clitoris