Monday, May 9, 2011


I worked! At one point there was a cockroach on my register screen and I jumped as I saw it! All the customers thought I got shocked by the register and they were all like, "OH MY GOLLY ARE YOU OKAY?! DID YOU JUST GET AN ELECTRIC SHOCK FROM THE REGISTER?"

I just gave a very controlled, tame face and subtly nodded my head as I can't really be like, "NO, THERE WAS A COCKROACH IN A FOOD FILLED CAFE!"

Afterwards, I had a two hour staff meeting with the owners of Baraki. For some reason, they're entrusting me with EVERYTHING and depending on me to save them from bankruptcy! One owner just loves bitching but doesn't know how to fix problems, and the other wants to fix problems but doesn't want to hear about it. Ughghhgh its very frustrating.

I met Mohabs my security guard from my old place, and we went to Tiffany & Co. to go shopping for his girlfriend. We bought her this beautiful Tiffany Somerset collection bracelet. It is so sleek, elegant and simple, our eyes glowered when we saw it. His budget nearly doubled after seeing that bracelet and we knew it was perfect for her. My eyes shifted sideways to the last pendant in that row and I fell in love - with a piece of jewellery which is so unlike me. It's a crucifix but the body seems to lean towards femininity which is so intricate, and unique! Mmmm, maybe one day.

I also saw those beaded bracelets made out of onyx, its very tiny but I thought it was so cute and suited my grungy bracelet style. Too bad it's $230 and doesn't look $230 worth hahahaha.

We moved on to a chocolate store to buy a box to share - it was so expensive and in the end it tasted like crap! Ugh!

I took Mohabs around to different stores to move on from her birthday gift to her graduation gift. We ended up getting her these interesting stainless steel earrings with onyx stone hanging. We got the shop assistant to try it on because I'm not a big earring person so I'd be a terrible person to judge the earrings with.

Mohabs bought me juice, then we bought sushi. He walked me all the way to the end of Spencer street and we chatted and caught up. He told me his entire day plan for his girlfriend and he is such a sweetie pie!! He's given it so much thought and I am so happy to see him happy.

Mohabs calls me fairy, so at the end of the day he sent me a text saying that I was the best fairy.