Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Social Commentary

I met up with AJ and went to our new place to grab the keys off my new roommate Raph. I was so indecisive about what room I wanted - I was juggling between a weirdly shaped room with a long ass balcony or a square room with a little bit bigger of a wardrobe. There were pros and cons for each room and as I tittle tattled back and forth going "Hmm" and "Ahhh" - I decided that this move was about harnessing my dead inner creativity orb.

That meant the room with the balcony. Even though there's a New York foyer and a balcony on the second floor, having my own private balcony could mean endless thought trains, romantic moon sightings and make out sessions (I'M TOTALLY JOKING - I just couldn't think of a third advantage to complete my English triple).

But with this balcony room, the previous tenant was a scum. He left cigarette butts on the carpet, unexplainable brown stains on the floor and scuffs and scratches everywhere. I remember the first time I went into this room - it smelled like old socks. I was a little more relieved that it no longer smelled like that but I didn't want to live in someone else's grime.

Afterwards, I caught a train to Quinton's and we quickly jammed and filmed our "Circle" song. It took us about 5 takes - either the camera zoomed up on us too much, I slurred and tripped over my words, Quinton would forget our song arrangement etc. But we finally got it good enough to JUST presentable.

I went home and watched my beloved TV shows. Oh my new place doesn't have a TV - WHAT DO I DO?

I went back over to my new humble abode, and got to business. Oh yeah, I bought surface cleaners and carpet cleaners. Chris helped me out and we scrubbed the walls, the door, the wardrobe, the dusty window sills and then shampooed the carpet. The can only lasted me half the room so I'm going to have to do the rest today unfortunately!

Then I looked at beds at IKEA and found that the cheapest solution (Raph has a double bed mattress for me) for a bed frame was this dodgy $39 toothpick assemble:

I was on a budget so it was either do something with this or think of something else. And with Kevin and I's great mind alikeness - we thought of something else, but I'll tell you all later.