Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joe Bonamassa

Today was my best friend's birthday. Obviously, she had the same birthday I did because she sounded so depressed and unexcited.

I spent money on getting my present express posted and it didn't even reach her! So I was a little angry!
My workplace is a little immature

I was totally stressed today, I went in and did office work for 3 hours - then had to constantly remind the owners to confirm staff rosters and organise who is opening the doors. Why are they so clueless?

I then went home and packed the little widdle things. Kevin picked me up and we stashed it in his van. On the way we stopped by Maccas and asked for FRESH chicken nuggets and FRESH chips - and they were pretty good! I smashed them down.

We hung about my new place for a little bit then Kevin dropped me off to Quinton's. Quinton and I headed to Palais Theatre in St. Kilda to go watch Blues Guitar God - Joe Bonamassa. He was absolutely fantastic! Actually even the front act was quite entertaining. But Joe, he's one with all his guitars. His emotions pass through every frequency, it was crazy! And his voice was quite captivating.

I went wide eyed at his acoustic set, it was so beautiful and crazy at once.

And his Bass Guitarist was to be in awe for too!

I was yawning throughout the entire concert though - I think my body is confused whether I want to be nocturnal or an early bird with all these topsy turvy jobs.

Thanks Quinton for inviting me to a breath taking concert and - Happy Birthday Deshna!


Richard Uttley said...

Got to love the coffee!