Saturday, May 21, 2011


Saturday morning I spent doing some graphic work for the bar. I think they want me to replace the Venue Manager they laid off - except I won't have the title and I'll be on my normal wage. I'm doing all the ideas, management and stock.

I then went over to my new place. AJ and I cleaned up the bathroom and I vacuumed Level 2. I also brought some more stuff over so all I have left is clothes. I don't even want to get started on that - I really do need to clean up my wardrobe.

I went to work at 10pm and the place was already hectic. My bar upstairs was even packed with drunkards. The 6 hours I worked was the worst and time went the quickest. Because the Bar/Venue Manager was leaving he was drunk off his face and there was no management on our hectic night.

One of the bussys were leaving too (the guys that deal with the glasses and stock) - so I was left isolated upstairs as the other one worked on the downstairs. It was stressful. I kept running out of glasses and alcohol - even juice and fruits and to have to keep running down and either yelling at them and getting it myself got me highly strained.

It was such high capacity that I was already on my toes. One of the manager's ex-girlfriend and I gave her free drinks yet she was so ungrateful. She vomited all over my counter and down my arm. She screamed at me to get some napkins as we had run out and I told her - so she was like, "JUST F**KING GIVE ME ANYTHING!!*

So I told her I had a tea towel but I wipe the bar down with that but she said she didn't care. She wiped all her vomit on it and then screamed out, "YUCK, THIS IS F**KING DISGUSTING, DEENA! IT'S WET!" and threw the vomit infused towel at my face.

I was so abhorred, and the customers around were disgusted at her behaviour too. To be honest, I felt humiliated. So that pissed me off.

Then few minutes later, this guy was throwing profanity all over the place at me because I had run out of basic things like corona, vodka, glasses... So instead of waiting for the bussy to magically appear with my stock, I went downstairs. On the way down, these two guys that were annoying me before, pinned me up against a blind spot wall.

They both pinned me, and just felt me up with their unethical hands - I was yelling and telling them to stop but all I remember was them just trying to crane my neck to either kiss me and the other one telling me to kiss him etc. etc. I finally ran out and ran down the stairs (actually I just jumped off the side of the stairs to just escape).

I was trying to collect myself as best as possible, and instead of asking my colleagues "PASS ME THE GLASSES" I just looked at my boss and reiterated, "I need a break. I need a break. I need a break!"

He told me to ask my manager so I asked him. But he was so intoxicated he didn't hear me out properly, he just told me off for asking at such an inappropriate busy time. I understood where he was coming from, but that was my last straw. I hadn't even been able to go to the toilet for 5 hours yet alone thoroughly wash the vomit off my arm.

So, I bubbled up in tears - for about 15 seconds, not even long enough for the tears to escape but long enough for my boss and manager to realise something happened. Of course, I didn't have the guts to tell them. I felt demoralised and weak and telling them would've just scattered my hold on myself. So I just trotted back up to work.

Bleh, it was a crap night. I got moved downstairs after it got a little quieter and I felt better so I told everyone what had happened, briefly.

Pathetic, I am.


Revie de la Croix said...

Deena! I can't believe this happened to you, you poor thing. I doubt Pathetic is the correct term to use!
I hope your work hires more staff in the future to suit for the busy times.
Revie x