Friday, May 27, 2011


I started organizing all my stuff in my new room but I can't be bothered!! I need to do it though because right now all my walking space is occupied by a fat bag/box/suitcase.
All my shoes (there's still one BIG box I haven't brought over)

I worked - then I worked. Hahahahaha.
The other side of shoes hahahaha

I worked at the bar and then moved on to Neverland club. I was pretty pooped but DJ Havana Brown was coming in to work so I thought I'd stay for a bit and groove my tush on the floor a little. I got to meet the girl DJ and yeah I'll admit that she's pretty hot so I understand the hype for her.

We decided to leave about 3:30 to which we went back to the car. It was completely vandalised by drunken hooligans and I was shattered. I co-own this car but barely drive it - that doesn't disregard my huge love for it.

Anger. That's all that fumed through my exhales. It was obvious that they had kicked in the doors a few times with a run up. With their strategic placings, it looked like they were trying to open the doors. Both doors were kicked in - the bottom bumper at the back kicked in and the back windshield snapped off. Even the front guard has fallen off a little.