Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scrapcake Galore

I know I'm skipping a few days but my minds blank. What am I doing?

I worked at the cafe and I had a 3 hour break before my cupcake shift so I brought my Mother's Day project and sat in a corner to hurriedly work on.

I bought this big binder notebook and have been filling it with a thank you fact then a photo of my mum then back to thanking her for something. Towards the end I realised I was struggling to think of the right thank you expressions and in the end, I repeated one thank you twice - which was for her terrible and lame jokes. Hahaha!

I then worked the cupcake shift, the girls who bake the cupcakes had a day off so it was just the boss and I. He is also the boss of Baraki and has been talking to me about filling in a bigger position at the bar of doing stocktake, e-mails and database. Apparently, I'm the only person he trusts. But I agree, as big of a potential and adorable the place Baraki is, it needs major face lifts on their organization and management.

After work, I got to bring home like 18 of the leftover cupcakes. The boss told me that I can't expect that all the time and to not tell anyone haha!
I worked on the book all week and I finally reached the end! This is the last thank you page!