Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Singaporean Paul

I worked - Paul came in at 12 to take me to lunch. Paul was one of my first friends in Melbourne but when I moved, he decided to leave me 6 months later because he finished his course. So he's back from Singapore for a week.

We went to this adorable cafe on Little Lonsdale Street, and unfortunately, the food was a little sloppy.

I then met up with Carlos and then I went to quickly get togs for tomorrow. Togs are a Queensland term for swimmers, trunks.. I don't know what people call it.

I went to the chemist to get eye drops, and went to a man's store as I spotted sweaters for cheap. What's with me and male clothing? Hahahaha, they're really warm though!

I came back home and enslaved on spreadsheets for Baraki's stocktake while Ethan yelled, whispered, jumped all around me. This is us with milk moustaches! Whenever Ethan is about to go home, it takes about ten minutes for him to hug me and he doesn't cuddle anyone else. I feel so special, but people think he probably has a crush on me but just doesn't know what it is yet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So the togs are for tomorrow because I'm going to the Whitsunday Islands for 4 days with Carlos and Chris! I'm so excited but hoping it'll be warm and sunny! Melbourne was a freezing 4 degrees today - but I know my home state is more prone to sunshine. I will hectically blog on Sunday! I am looking forward to a mind voyage.