Friday, May 6, 2011


I played Uno with Ethan and then decided to go to the shops to get all my Mother's Day business done. Kmart took over a week to print over my photos, I think something screwed up because it should NOT have taken that long. If it wasn't for them I would've had it posted by Sunday for my mum - but instead my dear lady has to wait until Monday thinking I didn't care.

The walk was fairly long but Ethan and I played games on the way. We were only allowed to step on green. Before I left though I took a few photos of him with my camera so I could print an enlarged one to frame for his grandmother (I was going to give that to her for Mother's Day because I know she loves Ethan more than her own children hahaha)!
Front Cover

Ethan is always rowdy and energetic with me - tackling me down for hugs and never letting go like a monkey. But at the shops he was so obedient, nestled in my lap while I printed some more photos. And when I was waiting for service, he just clung to my leg. It was adorable and reminded me of my childhood shyness too.
Back Cover

Afterwards we went to eat lunch together, Chris joined us too from his work break. I went home and Ethan and I got right into it. He was helping me cut stuff for my mum's book and watched me glue every photo (which was over 70 pieces). I got him to write his name in the corner of his massive photo and then the date of the upcoming Mother's Day.

I then hurriedly got changed for work and went to the train station. As I crossed the train tracks to the other side, this 13 year old boy stared at me with his mouth gaped wide open - blink, blink - stare - blink, blink. It was adorable!! It seemed like he had never seen a girl before, well maybe on my side of town, I guess its pretty derelict.

Obviously busy at work...

I worked until 8pm and then hung out with AJ and Mark's friends for a couple of hours before I left to work again. My work colleague picked me up and then I was left in the cold for 4 hours to work. IT WAS FREEZING THAT NIGHT! I just wanted to go home and sleep.

And then I did.