Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not So Fast Food

I helped make Pumpkin Soup and got flame grilled chicken and chips take away. Lunch was so yummy. Afterwards, we went to the Panel Beaters to check out the damage on my baby.

The third party insurance doesn't cover the damage which is devastating but the mechanic said he'd try his best to just bang it out.

I went back home and decided to just chill. My boss then told me to organise a work meeting at 6:30pm so I hurriedly called everyone. Then he told me to come in earlier so I had to quickly slap on some clothes and head out.

We had a meeting, then I organised a function with a late request so the details were so rushed and messy. Afterwards, I went to go eat with Kevin - we went to my favourite Korean BBQ restaurant.

Except I only had about an hour to enjoy the meal and then get back to work. It's funny because we never go to an above average place to eat, and the time we do we have to rush and have no conversations except, "DO YOU WANT MORE KIMCHI?" "YUMMY YEAH?" "IS THIS BRISKET?"

What I'm trying to say was that the only dialogue spoken was in relation to the FOOD. But the food didn't fall below my expectations and my stomach was one happy chappy! I even fitted in time for green tea ice cream.

Then I rushed back over and started working. The night went a little slower - I was downstairs for the entire time which is good but I was sick of making so many vodka sodas, scotch & cokes. I did however, get a lot of tips that night.

I was teasing one guy for his drink choices like whisky and water?!? Is that normal? He seemed to think I was the only person who thought that was strange. So he told me to chose one for him this time, and I was like I don't know what you want? He said to make some kind of cocktail so I just made him a simple vodka one.

He was like, "That was pretty simple."
*Then I squeeze a lime and clasp a mint in*
"That was still pretty simple."
"I couldn't be bothered, plus its a cheap cocktail."
"Well, what I really wanted was your number."

Hahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha the ways guys think of to asking a number is classic.