Thursday, May 19, 2011


My friend - actually I don't really know what to call him because he baby sat me since I was 12 and acted like a big brother to me all these years. Now, that I am older, the age difference seems to have shrunken and it'd be babyish to call him like my babysitter/brother but for me it is strange to call him just a friend. I have always been his pet monkey and he has been my owner, so I'll leave it at that.

Josh is getting married in July, and I'm flying back home for that. We haven't really talked lately, for good reason - he's extremely busy planning all the details. But he did drop a note the other day, a very old note. He found an e-mail he sent me 5 years ago and thought he would do a refresher.

Your talents are flourishing and have always shined at those around you. But you always seem to lack confidence in yourself. It is good to see you be humble, and allow yourself room for improvement, but never think that you're not good enough. When we lack confidence and feel what we have done is not worthy, we must question ourselves: "What then is good?" "To who are we trying to prove ourselves to?" "Who are we comparing ourselves to?" "why do we have to aim so high?" It is important for you to see that we should only be doing something because we realli do enjoy it. And we improve because we want to. Because we want to see ourselves grow, and reach our limits. Not to prove to anyone, anything. Because we and you should know, that we always have someone to support us, that will care and love us for whatever we have tried our best to achieve. That are what friends and family are for. There may be times that ppl we don't know, or outsiders that may criticize us. But why should we care what they think? It is part of life that no one can satisfy everyone, and thus we should ignore those outsiders. But now, it is time for you to grow and to start loving your own talents and your own voice. As a friend, i say you have a great voice. And as an outsider, i say you have a FUCKING AWESOME VOICE! lolz. And to the many ppl i have shown our songs to, all has commented that your voice was great. It is now up to you, to believe in yourself. I, the band, and your family has no expectations of you. We just honestly hope you find something you enjoy, be it your musical talents, your voice, your creativity, your art, and that you can try your best and fly without burdens towards your skyless limits.

He has always been a saving grace through all my murky, turbulent waters. Actually, he was the one who invested the little passion of music in me. I can't wait to see him again!
Photo from January 31, 2010

ANYWAY, I went shopping and bought two mattress protectors - a good brand and a cheap one. I plan to let the cheap one kiss the dirty, old mattress, and then the good one on top and then my Egyptian cotton 400 thread count discounted bed sheet on top!
I also quickly visited the bankruptcy huge book store chain, Borders - and WOW the sales are going out fast, check out these photos! I ended up buying a greeting card, and two books - a thriller fiction novel and a diving book.

I cleaned one side of the mattress with an upholstery cleaner, and gosh that took me longer than I thought. And man, that mattress has gone through a lot and I don't understand how. The edges are clipped badly.