Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crate Bed

I bummed all day and then packed some bags to bring over. Kevin was already there. Kevin and AJ then locked me out of my room, so I decided to clean the last crate and the kitchen floors + rugs. I finally got let in to the room, to see that Kevin had entwined glow in the beads around the crates so its a little less ghetto.

I love my bed. I am so glad I spent an extra $15 to upgrade from the 250 thread count sheets to the discounted 400 thread count Egyptian cotton ones. I chose navy and the sheets seem almost satin yet not close enough. They are so smooth! I guess I've never treated myself to sheets higher than 250 hahaha!

I hung up the drawing Phillip gave to me for my birthday. Then I caught up with Kevin.

I got peckish so I suggested to Kevin, AJ and Chris to go catch a bite. We went around my area which is quite lively, but not on hangover Sundays so all the restaurants were closing up at the 10:30pm mark. We did find a late night pizza/bar joint that had $4 pizzas at certain times of the week.

Luckily, we caught one of the special times so we feasted. I don't think they're worth their normal price, but I think they're a good bargain meal. I popped by Mohabs to return his vacuum.

Look how bleached and clean my coral looks now!

Chris and I also played this slow online game called Pandemic where you design a disease (I named it Deenaitis) to efficiently wipe out the world. We were successful except Australia, New Zealand and Brazil were able to isolate themselves. Not bad right? HAHAHAHAHA!


Richard Uttley said...

Cool bed Deena, it looks like the stage we used to have at a bar I used to run (except for the posh cotton sheets!). Best of luck with your new pad x