Thursday, June 9, 2011


It was time for my lazy day, so I organized my room and it finally looks presentable! Quinton came over and we finished writing the song. Mind you, there was 2 hours in there where our brains just went BEEEEEEEEEEEP.

Then Chris came over with lunch, and after our tummies were full, Quinton and I got into writing action.
I continued cleaning my room then I went out for dinner with Kevin, AJ and Chris. We had burgers then dessert.

Then I Facebook stalked all night. I was so pissed off at this guy who commented on this ugly photo of me in my friend's album.

I was just trying to be nice, answering his question! Then he went all sarcastic on me so I gave him attitude. He didn't ask if it was ALCOHOL or perfume, just WHISKY or perfume so I was trying to say it was neither. My friend who put that photo up was telling me how he had no idea why his friend was being rude and that I can be as rude as I want to him. HAHAHAHAH! How immature am I? I think I'm getting bored with my life...

I also started drawing on my canvas but I have realised it is going to take me only 99 years, and that the paint I chose SUCKS on canvas which is strange.