Monday, June 27, 2011


I went to work early in the morning, and mum came at lunch for another coffee. She raved on about my work's coffee all weekend so I told her to come have one last one.
Real hammerhead frozen..

My boss was so happy! Afterwards, I had yum cha again. This time Jana and Declan joined.

Josh also joined as he wanted to meet up with me. Josh is the one getting married this weekend, its so weird because I met him when I was 12 so he's always been the '19-year-old-Josh' but he hasn't been 19 for a long time.

It was good to see him, I then ducked into the office and surprisingly finished everything quite quickly. Mum went back home to Brisbane!
Freddo Frog

I had no idea that these were cuttlefish.. imagine tucking into that!

I decided to go to the Aquarium as my mum had dogged me - I dragged Michael with me because we were both looking forward to taking my mum. I loved the aquarium! So many weird looking things I had never heard of or seen!

I want to do the shark diving they have there! I think...
Slumber party

They even had penguins and surprisingly they poo so much that the snow was more green than white. And has anyone ever seen shark eggs? They are so STRANGE! They look like Chinese dried herb medicines!
Tea party

I asked one of the presenters what their qualifications were because I was curious! He told me that he was a marine biologist and a scuba instructor. I'm just keeping my mind open. I knew I was developing a love for the sea so maybe I might find a life direction in this genre. So far, I don't really think so though.
He never let go of the wall

Ironically, I felt like fish after the Aquarium so we went to the fish & chips store opposite AJ's work. I knew she was going to finish up soon so I thought it would be a good idea. I ate a quarter of a calamari because I missed it so much but it made me feel sick again. I must learn my lesson. I remember I used to be able to eat calamari and my allergies were only restricted by crustaceans and shellfish.
Can you see him (freaky)?

I bought tea towels for work then we went home.
Sea dragon adapting to change

Don't you love the bottom of Sting rays? The nose and mouth makes them look super happy!