Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry Swirl

I worked with no sleep behind me and it was terrible. When it was busy my delirious mode kicked in and I did everything swiftly.

But when it was quiet, I stared into nothingness with my mouth gaped open and hands in my apron pocket doing nothing.

Thankfully time went quickly in the third hour, and then I stayed in the office to try and teach the owners how to do some of their own business. I taught them how to use the manager's register, functions, e-mails, keys, staff... it just drives me crazy how they have survived this long without trying to learn a little themselves!

I went and bought Peter 2 t-shirts as he liked a store here and wanted more, then I went to change the crazy expensive jacket that my mum bought me. I told her I didn't need it and she got a little mad.

She told me I could use it as an investment when I started working in the corporate world, but I told her I can make that investment when that happens but for now that jacket will just sit slumped in the corner of my room collecting dust. I think I'm the only one in my family who realizes that we need to be tight with money and that we won't always get help from others. It was very sweet of her anyway, I know she was only looking out for me against the Melbourne wind.

I went home and just crashed to sleep. I woke up and totally forgot about dinner with AJ so we were going to just go down the street. But no, Korean BBQ intercepted my mind so I called and made a booking. It was so delicious, and it was good to go back to our first date (we came here the first time we went out together).

Last time the manager gave us lollipops, this time he gave us ice cream on the house. It is so obvious he likes us because he beckoned to our every call.

We went to the tram stop and this drunk lady was celebrating her birthday. We taught her how to use a hair straightener and it was hilarious. She was absolutely drunk.

Kevin came over to apologise but to be honest, I didn't want to see him. He was holding my dress for the wedding hostage and I had to pack my suitcase for my flight tomorrow.

I tried hanging out with him for a bit but just wanted my own time so he went next door to AJ. I know he's my best friend but he's losing understanding of me. Or maybe I'm just shoving him away a little because I've realised he's been overly clingy, possessive and seeking my attention as of late. Sigh. He would be so upset if he read this, or maybe he will.

Or is it just PMS?