Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seasons Provedore

My memory is totally wiped out about what happened on Saturday...

But mum invited some of my friends out for dinner so we enjoyed an Italian meal on Lygon Street because all the restaurants we wanted to go to were booked out.

Of course, afterwards we went to Brunettis for macaroons. YUM! It was Michael's first go at Brunetti and my reviews lived up to their expectations, he thought they were amazing!

I then had to run off to work. I don't remember how work went because I just zombie through. I had a few trials this week and I tried to market the upstairs a bit so I made cocktail shots to sell for $5.

I wrote it in huge letters on the blackboard and told the band to promote it. It went pretty crazy! I made about $1400 on just those shots which is quite a lot for the tiny upstairs bar and excluded all other drinks.

One of the bartenders treated me like absolute crap and disrespected my position - introducing himself as the manager to all the trials and trying to get the manager's code on the registers from me. We all know he needs it so he can open up the till and snoop into how much we are making, and be sneaky with money too. As much of a hard worker he is, I'm trying to change the place and I can't have people I don't trust on anymore. So the owners and I decided its time to let him go next week... I feel bad.

Chris, Jana and Declan came to my work while I was cleaning up completely inebriated. We all went home and two of them crashed on the couch, the other in another couch sitting up.. crazy!