Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Volcanic Ash

Remember how Peter's flight got cancelled on the way down? Well, it got cancelled on the Monday for the way up - and then they also cancelled his Tuesday flight.

I had no idea because I was at work so he just ended up buying a Qantas ticket to get back home as he had missed way too much of work already to accommodate for this volcanic ash that's sweeping over from Chile.

I finished work and met up with the owner as we had to do a few job interviews. The first one was good, we're giving him a trial but aw, the second one was so adorable - it was evident he had no social skills which is a huge shame.

I learned a lot from the owner, I wanted to know how he'd conduct the interview even though I knew he didn't like the second one at all.

I was really really pissed off that day due to both works. The coffee boss who rents off the owner harrowed into me about something the owners were doing because I was the closest thing to the owners so I think it felt good for him to abuse me about it. He was even getting angry at his fiancee but later on he calmed down and apologised to both of us, telling me that its not my fault at all - that its not my business and authority to run the joint how I want it.
How to successfully photo bomb

I then went over to my other job on Friday night's office to go have a meeting with one of my bosses. On the way there I found out that my sister's flights got cancelled so I was a little annoyed at that too. I was starting to get worried that the theatre tickets and Tutankanhem museum tickets would go wasted too.

I had the meeting with the boss, one of the girls who recently stepped up to a role just under me was ratting me out saying I don't do anything and if she asked me for help I wouldn't help her, and that she has no idea what my role is even though I'm her senior. I was SO angry because I had no idea she'd say anything like that! AND JUST THAT LAST WEEK I was serving champagne like I was in their role, when I'm not and I didn't care. I also constantly asked all the girls if they are okay and particularly told that girl if she needed help to just come outside and grab me.

I see her side of the story though, I am outside so I can't be patrolling as well as I could be - so I know if they're in trouble or not. But that's why I make it clear to them that they just have to speak out, which the other girls do. I'll have a chat to her, and my opinion of her hasn't changed because I can see how she could perceive it and plus, the boss could just be saying it more brutally than how it was really said.
Successfully photo bombing #2

We then had a discussion about his management, and I told him that he was lacking in a feminine touch - that they can't just make the girls wear tight shirts and angel halos so everyone knows that they're the bottle girls. They've got to be respectful because we don't want to brand the girls. I also complained about a guy who overstepped my role by saying he was my boss and was angry at me each week because he'd ask for me to give him my walkie talkie because he didn't get one - or saying that it was his role to tell me what to do instead of vice versa. I didn't mind so I listened to him sometimes but I've got clarification from my boss now that I have authority.

Michael came and picked me up and took me home. He bummed around while he waited for two girls to get ready - poor bugger. AJ and I fussed about as we chose what to wear, I think AJ changed clothes 4 times and I changed stockings and jackets 3 times. In the end I think, why did it take us so long to choose clothes when we're wearing black everything?

We headed over to Crown Casino and up to the Fusion club. Its quite a nice club but was still quiet, I guess we did go there early. I drank a little too quick and I was the first one to feel it. Even though it was a Tuesday night, I work Friday and Saturdays so I never get to party without it being involved with work so I was excited.

I ended up getting pretty trolleyed and danced like a can of spaghetti on the dance floor. When I told Carlos that he was like, HOW DOES A CAN OF SPAGHETTI DANCE? And I told him when you tip it out of the can and it lands on the plate!

Michael and I decided that our night's mission was to photo bomb people's photos! I was pretty successful and I definitely won the competition - I don't think Michael got in any! I even video bombed.

Michael, Timmy, AJ and I went back downstairs to eat KFC and then went back up for round 2. AJ, Mike and I even went to the photo booths and took photos but Timmy stole them so at the end of the night we took another set. HAHAHAHA! Timmy gave AJ 20 bucks though to keep the first set of photos (we don't know why, he's not in it).

I had a really fun night! I'm so happy!


lalaaaanita said...

... that doesn't happen to be mychonny in one of your photos does it?!

ps: not a weird freaky stalker, I think we've met before haha