Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tut Tut

We woke up and headed to the Melbourne Museum to catch the Tutankhamen exhibit. After this exhibition is finished, all the artifacts gets returned to Egypt so its quite a once in a life time experience for a lot of people.

I've never seen anything like it before, and it was way too difficult to comprehend that these objects existed for longer than 2000 years!

I couldn't take any photos but it was so interesting to see all the objects that you hear about, especially the coffins and the cases they kept the organs in. I even saw coffins for fetuses.

There were many school children running around - they were annoying but it was interesting to hear their remarks. I over heard a group of primary school boys arguing over what happens after death. One boy said we turned into dust and gets spritzed up into the air.

No matter how old you are though, death remains unanswerable.

Afterwards we went to my mum's hotel to pick her up as she had arrived! We headed to Bridge Road - my mum's favourite shopping district. We all had lunch together and then split into pairs to attack the shops in our own way.

I helped mum with her clothes and Annette and Michael came past as they worked near by. Mum and I continued down the street where we then ran into Jana and Declan.

By then we were all hungry so we stopped by Nandos for dinner. Chris came and joined to drop us all off and get ready for the theatre. I had bought tickets to go see Love Never Dies - Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to Phantom of the Opera.

It was a spectacular performance, props to the opera singers with their huge diaphragms. I was particularly surprised to see a smaller than usual midget who used her small lungs to belt out a beautiful voice.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is one talented bugger.
The lead male - obviously the Phantom (or Mr. Y) had such a charming voice, each time he sang I felt so mesmerised.

Afterwards, we stopped by Starbucks to refuel on hot chocolates and then went home.