Thursday, June 2, 2011


AHHH I COULDN'T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE! My good girl behaviour was going to go bankrupt so I had to splurge some money. I had to treat myself a little bit.

So I popped into the office to reply to some emails and set up some accounts - then AJ met me at Baraki and we bought Chinese buns for food to go. We caught the tram and walked to DFO in South Wharf. I've never been there but its bigger than I thought! DFO is Direct Factory Outlet by the way.

I ended up buying shoes - I bought beige and AJ bought black. She also went crazy at Levi's but it was totally understandable - it was crazy cheap.

I walked into the Burberry Outlet thinking I'd get the same bargains as I did in America but golly, they were no where near as close. I started to appreciate the Burberry jacket I bought back in America for $180 (once $980). I really need to start wearing that but I feel like its too good for me BAHAHA!

I then bought a beanie from the Adventure outdoor shop, I was looking for diving gear but ended up finding an adorable beanie. Actually they had a few strange things, like the chicken and cat head. Why would that be in an adventure shop?
Awkward Asian photo in one of the display houses

Chris picked us up and drove us to IKEA where we had a cheap, cheap dinner first then we welcomed the domestic galore! I bought two storage thingies to put my clothes in, candles and a lantern to keep my candles safe.
We ate again after the checkout

Then AJ and I went to the grocery store to buy some foodies. I finished off my online shopping and went to sleep. No more shopping for a while, Deena!

I wanted to thank that person who left a chirpy message on my STRESSED blog. I never realised that STRESSED backwards was DESSERTS and I thought that was completely adorable. It brought a smile to my glum face!