Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kobe Jones

I woke up nice and early to take my mum to the Aquarium as I had promised her! I was super excited to go as well to only hear that she woke up even earlier and beat me to the Aquarium.

She went herself even though I told her we were going to go! We didn't know what to do so I thought I'd take her to the east side, we asked a favour from Michael and we drove to Glen Waverly for lunch. We saw a steam train! Those things are so beautiful and loud!

Afterwards I took her to the massive Chadstone shopping centre, she made me go buy a lint brush and shoe polish as apparently all my coats are hairy and my shoes dirty.

We all had coffee because we were exhausted. I even had a weak one too which hit me like crazy.

I strolled by a lolly shop and bought my favourite Wonka Nerd Rope!

We then met up with AJ and Kevin to go eat at Kobe Jones at Docklands. Everyone except me hadn't been to the Eureka tower before so I took them there to check out the spectacular view.
We all looked on as Michael took his first bite into sashimi.

I wish I wasn't allergic to seafood, I even ate a sliver of crab and it hit me! And you know what? I love green tea so much that I can distinguish what is a good green tea ice cream - and that restaurant needs to improve!
I spent many a moments staring out at the sea, with darkness it becomes black and the fine line between sky and sea gets blurred out. But this was broken up by a strange set of lights that looked like Christmas but was in fact a pathway for boats at night. So I spent ages watching boats get guided by the green and red lights. I never knew there were lights in the sea haha!

Kevin wanted to go to Brunettis again then we all called it a night.