Saturday, June 18, 2011


In the morning, Kevin, AJ, Peter and I went back to that bargain cafe. I bought a tandoori pizza and it was pretty yummy. We did have to wait for a while so we all scored free drinks.

Afterwards, we all hung about in the lounge room for the first time (INSTEAD OF MY ROOM) and it was obvious that sleep deprivation and hangovers were invading our mind. So off we went to the world of sleep!

We woke up and Peter wanted to have Melbourne cheap Asian food so I thought of my favourite dumpling place. I invited AJ along and so we all got ready and went to eat! It was just as yummy as always, and still lived up to the reputation of playing cheesy karaoke songs and super loud Happy Birthday songs.

The two minions went and got Bubble Cup then walked me to my work. Funnily enough, I felt a little nervous because I had missed two sessions of bartending and I felt sketchy. HAHAHA!

I had a good night, we had a trial bartender and he seemed really nice. Peter and Kevin came to my work for a little bit. Remy the French bartender gave me the shits because he thinks he can over step my authority and boss me around. I think he's shitting the boss off badly too - but I'm trying to hold on for him to keep his job because I don't know, I'm too nice and get taken advantaged of.

I made up a cocktail for a girl who wanted something REALLY fresh and fruity. I was pretty proud because I'm not very experienced on cocktails and I gotta admit it tasted pretty tropical. I put vodka and pimms for the alcohol which was a total random mix.

I'm so bad at smacking the cocktail glass out of the shaker - it really hurts my palm! Oh and I cut my forefinger badly on a beer bottle cap. I do it every week but its in the same spot on the same finger so its starting to hurt more and more each time! Its from opening too many of the twist open bottle caps. My hands are also drying out like prunes because during the week I deal with detergent and then weekends are alcohol.

Police came at the end of the night because we had a disruption with 4 drunk girls that were swearing at all the workers and security guards then went to dob on us to the cops.

It took me ages to sleep that night