Monday, June 6, 2011


Nothing too exciting lately..

Chris hooked me up with cheap custom canvases, so I got two long canvases (about the width of my double bed) as I wanted to hang it up as my makeshift bedhead.

I got my paint and now I just want to get started! But I stupidly left my paint roller in my friend's car. I've been organizing my clothes a little bit, trying to donate what I can to charity. I'm much more materialistic than I imagined - I've only found 2 items to scrap so far.
At work on Fridays hahaha

I have also started to hit the gym. I've been twice in 2 days and every muscle of mine are so sore. And I hate that winter is coming along because I am sneezing like a rabbit (do they even sneeze a lot? I thought of them first. Maybe its because they do cute little nose twitches..). When I sneeze, it tenses all my abdominal muscles and it HURTS!

Even my finger muscles hurt from holding weights BAHAHA I am so weak. Mind you, I haven't been to the gym in I do not know how long!
Don't you love it when you see dogs had ruined new cementing?

Makes me so happy at how adorable dogs and their cheeky footprints are!