Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rushy Getaway

I started feeling a little sick on Saturday but I thought it would pass. Just to make sure though I took off work to rest up.
I collected my dive gear that I ordered then went back home!

I got one of these from Pancake so Kevin and I decided to plant it.

But boy, were we like elephants, we didn't crack it very well and we couldn't sow the seeds either so I wouldn't be surprised if this little eggling didn't survive. I got given the lavender one.

Afterwards we rushed to plan our getaway with Chris, Kevin and AJ to make use of the long weekend (Monday is a public holiday for the Queen's birthday).

From options of Adelaide to Sydney, we thought we'd check out our own backyard and head to Victoria's countryside. AJ and I have a problem with our roommate Raph. I mean, he is a very friendly and easy going guy but he is a stingy scab and is a little rude.

Whenever I have friends over, he just barges in to ask them for a smoke. I think they've given him over 30 smokes in 3 weeks now and he has no shame in asking as the numbers gather. He even has the guts to say, "Can I also have an extra 2 for the road?"
And he has never ever given them his own smoke once.

My room is the one with the balcony so he also barges in to go outside and smoke then just go back to his room - and I hate it. My room is my little sanctuary and I don't even feel like I have privacy. Even when I'm changing, I'll be behind my door just incase he barges in.

Also when my friends are over, he just barges in and starts hanging out with us like we're all good mates - and its really weird. I mean, its nice that he's trying to get to know them but not too much at once! I don't go smashing into his room and start joining with his mates.

I remember once he just ran into my room and grabbed my biscuits without asking, and then came back to grab a handful without saying a word. And my friends were like, "Deena did you see that?" and of course I did, I just didn't want to fume so I left it.

Other time, we decide to get take away and he'll be like "OH I want food too can I order with you?"
He chose what he wanted and then goes, "Shit, I don't have cash on me - can I pay you back?" to which he never does.

One time he decided to pay back my money with a cheaper option - to cook me dinner. I still had to buy some ingredients and at the end of dinner I thanked him and he goes, "You know what? We can make this into some kind of system! You buy the groceries and I'll cook it for you."
I was pretty stunned he said that.

And I know he's not poor - he brags about his photographer's income. AJ works at an expensive chocolate shop and she gave us each a bag. I paid her back the staff price she bought it for, but she gave it to him for free. He scoffed it down like air while I ate a few a day to savour it. When he noticed my packet, he just grabbed it and gave it back to me 5 minutes later with only 2 left. I was so angry.

He's even tried my shoes on without me being here (sneakers, of course!) and AJ asked him what he was doing. He told her he had a party and he thought my shoes were awesome. In the end, when I came home, he didn't ask to borrow them though. I just felt a little invaded.