Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I pretty much lounged around like a lazy cat all day. Except work called me saying that the locksmith was here to drop off the key box order I made and to teach me how to use it. He just assumed I would be there.

We needed it, but he couldn't come back tomorrow so he asked if it was alright to drop it off to where I was now - which is at home. I told him and mentioned that I won't be getting out of pyjamas just for him and he laughed and said it was all cool.

So, I was surprised to see that it wasn't the boss who I ordered the key box from - but the same guy that came in yesterday to fix up the locks and gave me his number. That was a wee little awkward but I thought it was hilarious.

Everyone was curious as to why a locksmith was coming over so all my roommates came to chat with him. We also enjoyed the beautiful rare sunshine that was outside. We hung about for a bit then he left, saying that he'd pop in for a drink on Saturday. HAHA HOW FUNNY.

Then Quinton came over and we started writing a song. I won't describe what for incase people read it and it gets leaked. BUT IT TOOK US ABOUT 3 takes to finally get a tune that we were happy with. But man, we were stuck in an intense mind blank for a good 2 hours.

We finished with nearly 2 verses and a chorus then I invited Chris, Kevin and AJ to all go eat Venezuelan arepas on Brusnwick street. It was different, and yummy but I think it needed more seasoning and flavours. It just needed that extra kick, whether they supply more guacamole or provide aioli - even some kind of chilli paste. Actually, maybe even a salt dispenser. But still it was nice to gather around.

We ate rather early so there was a party going on. We party crashed but the birthday woman's husband was performing songs he wrote on stage. It was the most boring 3 songs. Then this old man DJ kicked in and pumped Cuban music through the restaurant. He was the cutest little DJ grandpa I have ever seen.

AJ, Kevin, Chris and I then had movie night where we scoffed down Kevin's chocolate tiramisu and sipped on muscato. We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 then Water for Elephants. You know, I like Robert Pattinson when he's not trying too hard to be a vampire - in this movie he was simply adorable with a tan.

And the movie didn't ruin the book (if you remember I just read it recently). I mean it missed a lot of details but they were smart in the way they compiled it together. I just thought that it was a little rushy and the actors mumbled quite a bit.