Thursday, June 30, 2011


Michael came over in the wee hours of the morning as I had to finish up packing and then head off to the airport.

Kevin, AJ and Michael dressed me for the wedding as I have no idea what to wear for my very first one (I've been to my cousin's when I was 8 but I only went to half the wedding ceremony because we're not really loved on my dad's side, I didn't even go to the reception!).

Afterwards, I watched River Monsters - its quite interesting but its obvious Jeremy Wade is in his own nightmarish world.

I then left for the airport, stopping by at McDonalds for a quick breakfast. I was SO happy to see that it was still the normal day time menu! I had no idea breakfast menu started at 5 am and I'm not a big fan of the brekky menu.

My quarter pounder was SO fresh and the chips were so salty that I exclaimed in joy! I got on the plane and I don't even remember taking off because I had already fell asleep.

I woke up to see that we were already in the air but only 20 minutes in. After that I couldn't sleep again but I did that stupid embarrassing head nodding thing. I was sitting in the aisle so I bet people were laughing at me.

Time ticked over slowly but we finally landed. Mum picked me up with Simba in the car. Simba was going CRAZY to see me! I'm glad he still remembers me!

I went home and slept for 5 hours.
My room

I woke up and mum took me for a check up at the dentist. He highlighted again how my orthodontist screwed up my teeth. Did I tell you the story? I had braces but the orthodontist didn't do anything but scam us. He scammed all the customers as he wasn't properly licensed and just zapped insurances. He also concreted a retainer on my bottom teeth but it doesn't do anything.

So this dentist tried to make it a little better and put more concrete behind my teeth. It feels stupid now though. He took a mould of my teeth and decided to get me a retainer for the top as its shifting. I wish I could have braces all over again with a good orthodontist. Sigh.

We went and checked out mum's new house that she's building. I gotta say that I'm curious as to how we could afford anything of the sort but she hates me peeping into her business. To be honest, I don't love it but it has utilised space well.

Peter was outside my house by the time we came back, he was trying to do a dodgy patch up job to his car by not even soldering wires and just duck taping them. We went on our way to the track to go drifting.

IT WAS PRETTY EXHILIRATING - we spun out once (grass and dirt got into my eye) and then on the fifth run we spun out and the car died. The starter motor cable fell out and so I had to get out and push. One of the track boys came and helped and we moved it to the side then tried to push start it.

All these bogan guys that were at the track were like "YEAH HANDS UP FOR THE GIRL FOR HELPING OUT - SO HOT!" and I just couldn't stop laughing. I should've totally taken my helmet off and then swung my hair in slow motion.

Seeing as we couldn't turn it on again we had to keep it running so we headed off to dinner with my mum and Father Chan (priest who is a family friend haha!). We had to find parking on a hill for Peter to push start.

We ate Japanese BBQ and OH MY GOLLY the wagyu beef was soooo rich and buttery. The ox tongue was beautiful and the salmon, fresh. I got so full - but we all know I've got a second stomach of dessert.

So I had green tea ice cream but it was so good that I ordered round 2 as well.


Vicky said...

I have the same table as you! haha but not as many toys :) they are so cute!