Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Bee

I woke up. I showered. Painted my canvas.
Then we headed to the first dive shop which was great! I bought snorkel, masks, boots and fins.
They're all predominantly black though so.. maybe when I pick up my order on Saturday I should change a few things.
I don't really want to be mistaken as a plump seal do I?
Another work photo, my friend MADE me pose like that and now I realise how cheesy the whole set up was. Puke!

We talked to the guy at the dive shop for ages, he was such a larrikin but fed us great advice.
We then moved onto going to the shopping centre, I bought a vacuum for work (they wanted me to buy one for the cleaner).
I also bought candles because I only have one powerpoint in my wall and its on the other side of my room so candles are now my bedside lamp.

I then bought two t-shirts that will help keep me dry at the gym - you know that material that slurps up the sweat? Haha yeah it was on sale.

Then I went to the gym! I'm doing pretty well so far aren't I? Going to the gym for the first time in my life, I would've thought I would struggle some more but I haven't been slack. My body feels so sore though. And that dry gym clothes really work! I didn't feel yucky and sweaty!

Afterwards, I ate my Portugese chicken at Nandos then stopped by dessert house Brunettis to get a snack for AJ. Kevin and Chris came over for Wednesday movie nights but we failed. We ended up watching Saturday Night Live and then bum around a computer looking at diving, wrestling, movie trailers and travel tours.


Haynes said...

ha glad you went to the gym, it helps keep you fit and healthy.

I was just curious as to what sweat slurping shirts you got were, were they underarmour or something?