Friday, June 24, 2011


I woke up to meet mum and we went to my work so the ultimate coffee fiend (mummy) can judge the coffee.

Mum loved it, it only took my boss about 10 minutes though. He was trying to perfect it but mum sculled it down with joy in her eyes. She LOVED the flavour of the beans. I know my boss made up his own with Arabic and Indian beans.

After my bosses mucking around and meeting my mother (look at my lady boss pretend she has leek pubes =.=) we left to go to China Town.

We had Yum Cha for lunch then mum went to the Chinese Jerky store and bought about 4kg of jerky and 1kg of dried plums and prunes... ew.

Then I took mum to an Asian DVD/CD store and she stocked up on movies and dramas. We also went to a department store, I bought myself a wool & cashmere coat because it was about time I protected myself against the Melbourne cold.

I had to go back home so I could get ready for work. Nothing interesting happened at work, except for the handsome doorman who I have talked about many a times (I said he was my boss but he was lying to me, then he said manager but I took over his role now) quit on the spot. That was intriguing. We won't really miss a recently married man who sleazes around anyway.
Busker mimicking a train ride

OMG the world is so small though, I found out he is married to my friend's sister and I feel so awkward because I know SO many stories about him that could get him into trouble. I don't want to upset the newlyweds though but aw man, I wish she knew.

I went to my next work as bottle manager and just trotted through. Afterwards, I had about 5 drinks in a row so I got hit pretty hard. Friends just decided to one after the other buy me drinks and I gotta admit I've been a little too stressed so I let them.

Michael and Darren took me home to have to walk me up the stairs and carry all my stuff (I had like 2 coats and boxes with me). They are both so kind though.

I fell asleep almost instantly - remembering some of my rowdy behaviour like talking to a taxi driver at the traffic lights. I'm pretty sure I made his night though.