Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The only thing I remember from this day was drama and cleaning up a fridge.

Declan and Jana left and as much as I loved seeing everyone visit me - its very tiring juggling work, rest and play at once. I woke up late to go eat lunch with Quinton's family who are visiting too.

Then I popped into the office, did a few admin things and then headed downstairs to clean the fridge. I've been so stressed because the owners are going nuts without any of the senior staff here this week.

We all have plans so I've been writing a check list of EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Its so difficult because we normally just do it in a robotic manner without thinking. So to write small things such as, check toilets - its annoying!

I've also had to try and organize more trials and UGH I can't even be bothered typing about it anymore. Just understand that I am super stressed and so sick of being paid less than the employees (apparently because I have more hours it counteracts my low pay - stingy bastards!) but expected to behave like a manager.

And the drama - I don't want to type anything but seriously, everyone needs to stop treating my life like a soap opera. Shit stir your own life and butt out of mine.

I don't care if you're a best friend - don't use it as an excuse to just do whatever you think is best for me without my knowledge. Hassling me about getting my stuff out of my ex's place who is a mate is just the same as having to get my stuff out of your place now. And to disrespect and trample people's homes without permission was inconsiderate. And to think that I will make time for you when shit hits the ceiling even though before hand I already said I was super busy was irritating. Especially the 20 missed calls.

Nah, maybe I'm just angry because you keep calling me things I hate and you think its funny. Grow up.

To the second person, don't use my friends to complete your favours. I can do things myself too by the way.

And addressed to the third person - conversations with you just circle so be mature and gulp it down. Stop clinging, stop expecting and stop whining. Be an adult. I'm tired of being the learning curve.