Monday, June 20, 2011


I worked in the morning then Peter came and helped me do the stock take.
It took me half the time so we left to go eat lunch at Chinatown. Afterwards we went to the Vans store so he could change his shoe size one up - unfortunately his shoes were sold out so we spent ages choosing another one.

I saw one that was really nice, but it wasn't part of the sales items so the guy said he'd put it down 20% and use the amount we spent on the sale as credit. Peter didn't like it at first but now he loves it, and so did I so I asked the guy if I could have 20% too! BWAHHAHAHA okay this is the final straw on my shopping items. SERIOUSLY DEENA!

We went back home afterwards to rest up and wait for AJ to come home. Then we all left to go eat at Izakaya Chuji - a place with good Japanese bar food but is a wee little bit overpriced. We ordered two dishes of Ox tongue Butter Yaki, a Karaage flounder and spare ribs in teriyaki sauce! I ordered myself my favourite green tea ice cream at the end.
AJ forgot her glasses so she stood up to read the specials menu but it looks like she's freakily standing over other people's dinners.

It was SUCH a satisfying dish, I am salivating as I reflect on the ox tongue. We said bye to AJ as she was going to her sister's and went to the tram stop! We forgot to pee at the restaurant so we were busting - we had to wait 20 minutes for the tram anyway so we went to the closest Pokies TAB place. Funny how the toilets were right near the door but we had to show ID to go pee. Hahaha!

I started tabbing my travel book - so far I've put Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Maldives, Thailand and Vietnam as places I must visit soon!