Monday, June 20, 2011


"Hi, my name is Deena and I'm a shopaholic."

*Supportive counsel group chants in unison* "hiiii Deena...."

I took Peter to the direct factory outlets complex in the city and it was a detriment to my (as of late) good behaviour. I bought boots that I've been looking for ages for the style and I bought it for more than 60% off. I also bought a singlet that went from $50 to $15 because the entire store was having a 70% off - and a dress from Guess.
Such an ugly pair of shoes

Now I don't usually have a knack for Guess clothes but I saw this dress from outside and saw that the shop was having 50% off. The dress was marked down from $170 to $120 to $90 and with the 50% to $45 so I tried it on. It was hot and I never buy hot clothes - it was that simple LBD that will go a long way so I invested in it.

But god all this money spending has made me give birth to regret.

We ate dinner at Lygon st then I took Peter to eat macaroons because he's never heard of them before! Stopped by the bankrupt Borders book store once more where I purchased a travel book with every single country summed up and tips, advice and information. It was an information packed book that used to be priced at $55 and was slashed 40%!

Then we went back to my home and we cat walked all of our purchases off to AJ. Then I made AJ put on stuff that she's never worn in her wardrobe to find that she had some pretty valuable pieces.

I think I should start thoroughly cleaning my unwanted items from my wardrobe to make up for the guilt of spending!