Friday, July 8, 2011


I went into work for a bit in the morning so I could do the laundry. I bought my coffee bosses lunch as they always shout me every time I work. I got sushi and Bangladeshi food. At the sushi store, the lady recognised me from Baraki so she goes, "Ba ra ki?"

I replied to her saying that yes I was from there! So her son gave me free miso soup, saying that we're so close to each other that we can always help each other out! That was so sweet.

Bangladeshi food is so delicious, I think they do their butter chicken twice cooked so its super tender.

Afterwards I just went back home and rested. I got ready for bartending work. It was boring, it wasn't too busy either.

One of the customers are so adamant in trying to poach me for his office job so he always comes in to try and get me fired. And when he leaves he always says, the offer is still there!

I'm tempted because I probably would get paid a lot better than I would here but it would be a terrible dog act.

At one point Sanju yelled at me saying there were glasses everywhere. I told him I was minding the bar because I'm the only one here. And he goes, I don't care! Elias is here. And I pointed over at Elias who had been chatting with his mate for ages.

The rule is to always mind the bar first, and for some reason I got reprimanded for not doing my job to its fullest when Elias was chit chatting away. So unfair. And you know what? When my friends come in for 2 minutes I already get busted and Elias' mate was around for 2 hours.

Sigh. I cleaned the kitchen and help set up the night time bar. Michael and Sara picked me up to take me to my next job.

I regret wearing my dress. That used to be a dress that I could wear without it worrying that it'd fall down, but it CONSTANTLY fell down and annoyed the hell out of me.

I was in such a dull mood all night. There was a girl that was getting trained to also do my role and I was angry. Firstly, she didn't know that she'd be on the same level as me so when I first smiled at her she looked me up and down and rolled her eyes.

I was so shocked that I was seriously like, "Screw this" then my boss was asking me to train her and I told him what for? And he said well she's replacing Kai because he's not here this week and I said Kai never does anything anyway and we still manage fine.

The only reason why they keep chucking hopeless people into what used to be me as the only one in the role, is because they have connections and they want those connections to come and pay money to go have fun at my work. So they want to keep the big promoters happy with a job that makes them feel like they're important.

I told my boss, if we really need another person, why can't we get one of the girls under me to go up? Like, they have been working as hard as I have been and its only fair that they get to move up like I did. Instead of this girl who is using her boyfriend as an express way ticket into a good job. So I got really annoyed.

Anyway, after she realised that I am the person who could train her, she started sucking up to me all night. And I hate that fake behaviour.

Hello grumpy bum (I'm talking about me).

I'm starting to stress about what's going to happen in a month.