Friday, July 29, 2011


I woke up hungry for authentic Japanese (yet cheap!) so I searched on the internet and found a relatively good one.

Michael and I traveled there to find this adorable restaurant called Zen. The food was delicious and the green tea ice cream was scrumptious too. It was worth your dollar. I was so happy!

Afterwards, I went to Officeworks to buy a box and bubble wrap. Then I went back home and got ready for work.

I worked and Elias taught me a trick with popping beer bottles - you slap the top and then u get the wrong side of the bar blade and just flick it up to make a POP! sound. Its so cool but I couldn't get it and I was too chicken to try it on every beer bottle I opened. I WILL LEARN IT!

Annette, Darren and Michael came in to have a drink or two. Phillip came to say hello and Kevin came later on to see how I was doing.

James that engineering tutor texted me saying hello because he can see me through the window at work but he didn't actually come in.

After work, I jetted off to my next work. Tonight was a Winter Wonderland theme so I wore a white jumpsuit. I took off my t-shirt that covered the fancy dress at my bar tending job and slapped on some heels. I was ready! HAHAHA!

But not completely ready - I knew what was coming for me for some part of the night. A costume, a big fluffy costume, a PENGUIN COSTUME!

I wore this throughout the first part of the night, and had to dance on stage as well. It was fun and super scary but I just kept thinking to myself, "NO ONE CAN SEE YOUR FACE."

I'm so glad I was the first one to sweat in it. I would hate to put it on after some other people. I was picking up girls like a frenzy, they were hugging and kissing me with so much adoration.
Where's Deena?!

Its funny how people assumed that a boy was inside. One guy walked past and was like, "Hey man!" and I was like, "HEY!" and he turned around freaked out and was like, "WOAH IS THAT A GIRL IN THERE?"

After work, Hollie, Annette and I partied a little then we had to go drop everyone home. I was so glad I could fall asleep, my legs hurt from so much exercise.