Saturday, July 9, 2011


Work last night was a happy night, finally! I feel happier with the new workers, I can already trust them a lot more.

Anyway, during the day I went to spontaneously buy fishies. Remember I once had Sir Felix D. Wolfgang? Then he broke my heart by dying on me too suddenly so my heartbreak closed me off for giving affection to another one.

Then you know, I wrote on my mini blackboard "Its time to plan my life, woman!" and as I looked at it I thought - I should get me some baby fishies!

So random, but I was excited. I got Michael to take me and we went to three different places, and ended up buying everything at the third place which I spotted as we drove past.

I bought a fish tank with filter and light for $65 (I haggled), 3 fishies for $10 (Black moor, commons) and a Bubble Eye for $15. I also got food and rocks.

I came back home and washed the rocks like a billion times and set everything up. Well Michael helped a lot so I'm very thankful.

Meet my new family members!
This is Ketchup.

This is Rouge (because she wears red lipstick just like my Chanel shade).

This is Google.

This is Mochi (Japanese rice cake)

I've been staring at them for ages every time I have a spare moment. Afterwards, Michael, AJ, Kevin and I all decided to eat at Crown but it was so packed out so we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

The food was obviously South-East Asian owned as my Katsudon was like stir fry, but their green tea ice cream was so awesome that I had two bowls!

Then I went to work. A guy asked me for my number and I said no, but his mate convinced me. They looked pretty drunk so I said I'll say it once and you gotta remember it. So I spat out my number really quickly and under my breath, and surprisingly his mate caught onto it. Hahahahha good memory but they're harmless anyway.

Another guy was a group of regular's mate that I'm pretty close to. He pestered for 30 minutes for my number. I kept saying no and everyone was giggling because it was so public. At the end I told him to ask the security guard for my number because I had to get back to work and he actually went and asked him.

The security guard just looked at him and was like, "Its time to go home!"

I feel bad but I just didn't want to... Nothing was wrong with him, it was just not in my interest.

I got quite a lot of tips yesterday for a small bar so I was happy. I gave some to the bussies as well.

I dropped Monty home and then it was time to go to mine. I started feeling a sore throat coming along so I felt like crap. I took some tablets and tried to nestle into bed.