Monday, July 18, 2011


I woke up at 5:30 and slept on my way back into town. I got to the Dive Centre at 7:30am and it was freezing.

I swear they said that the place would be heated but it was in this massive warehouse and there was definitely NO central heating at all.

So as we started our theory I sat there shivering my ass off and so did everyone else. There were about 5 other people in the class, Chris included. We finished off Theory Part 1 which was about the gear and all the scuba basics.

Then we had to change into togs (bathers) and get assigned to our wet suits. We complained and complained how cold it was BEFORE we even got into the water, and my golly if I only knew what I was going to go through in the next 3 days - I would've appreciated that very moment when I was dry.

We all put our equipment on and dunked ourselves into the pool. IT WAS FREEZING! But I shouldn't have complained about the pool because I had no idea that the tank would be even colder!

After we did some practical sessions in the pool, we hopped out to do theory part 2 and then the worst part was taking all your clothes off and sliding into wet gear to do practical session number 2. UGHHHGHHHGHHHHHHH!

I actually had to talk to myself and say, "Just do it Deena. You can do it!"
After my freezing cold pool session...

Afterwards we got to get all warm and snuggly and do theory part 3. It was a super long day. And it felt so good to have a hot shower.

I was mentally and physically drained, I came home with my face whiter than a ghost.