Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Troublesome Tiger

So I scrambled home with stress as I had no idea what was happening with my flights.
I confirmed with the news and the Tiger Airline's homepage that I really was stuck. I looked at other airlines online and found that the domestic flights were $200+ when I paid $60.

I then researched further and found that Virgin Blue was offering $100 flights to those who were inconvenienced by Tiger. You just had to send an e-mail with the time you wanted and wait.

I couldn't - so I called them. This was at like 2am already and Simba was curled up on my bed with heavy eyelids. I wished I could've been sleeping already too.

I waited for 45 minutes and thought I should take a shower first. I came back to my room and found Simba still curled up at the bottom of my bed, I would've thought he'd sought out my mum's company by now. We did it all over again - I waited for 1.5 hours on hold and finally got through to someone.

She told me that there was availability in the morning flights and that she's put my name down. Lucky! So, I went to the airport and my mum took the wrong exit so we were pushing time.

I got there and there was a huge check in line and my flight was in 20 minutes. I found a wandering worker and told him my situation, he chucked me onto the next available counter. She was such a diddle daddler - looking at her nails, puckering her red lips, brushing that one wild strand of hair to tell me that I was overweight.

Tiger Airlines hand carry is 10kg while Virgin is 7kg. I rearranged a few things and she let me off. I had to go through security which had a massive line as well so I was breaking out a sweat by then.

I ran to my gate and was one of the last ones to get on. Phew! The flight was boring, I read a book and the elderly couple next to me gave me eucalyptus honey drops.

Normally the flight is 2 hours, but something was happening at Melbourne Airport so they kept us in the air for an extra hour. Such a drainer.

I finally got out and went to Richmond to grab some Nandos. I rested and Michael and I went to try the Korean BBQ palace, Guhng. It was pretty damn good, I'm craving it so much right now!