Saturday, July 30, 2011

Angry Staff

On Saturday I lounged around for so long and then I craved Subway - so I went to get myself a chicken fillet sub.

I think I fell back asleep and woke up just in time to get ready for my staff meeting. The staff meeting was nice, my bosses formally introduced me as the manager and gave me credit for all the things I've done for the place.

It was good for me because for all the months I've been doing things, they never really said thank you or well done. I had no idea, but for the first time in years they're making profit and made enough to get themselves out of some serious debts.

We decided to revamp the cocktail menu, and also argued over what alcohol should be on the shelves.

Then I went to eat dinner at Chinatown. I had some really good roast pork and fried flounder. I also packed it in a box for my boss to have as well.

The night was good. It was quiet so I got to finish up early. One of the bartenders seemed to have a problem with me - every decision I made he would undermine. And he'd start telling people what to do and signed people off without even telling me so at the end we were understaffed. I even went up to him and said why would you do that? And he said its a waste of money keeping them on.

The only reason I was worried was because I knew he always leaves early. But he assured me that today he was going to stay til close. WELL HE DIDN'T so I was pissed off. I caught him smoking the not so legal shit outside work and I don't really care but if its going to bring out this kind of attitude I wasn't going to be happy.

He was aggressive too. He threw glass so harshly at the bin and said to me and another staff, "I was hoping it was going to stab somebody."

And when one of the staff was getting his knock off drink - the paranoid barman yelled at him saying why would you grab an import beer? You're not allowed those kind of privileges. I said to him, "We sell them for the same price anyway so just let him be."

And he completely skitzed at me at one point and I was like WOAH. Everyone was so astonished he was speaking to me that way. I was a little angry that night.

What made me even more angry was when I was bending down to clean the front of bar, my tips fell out of my pocket. And my boss (the one that loves the place but has no business mind, and is stingy and bitchy) bent down and grabbed it all.

I told him they were my tips and he just puts it in his pocket and goes, "Too bad, they're not yours now!"

I was so shocked! What's 5, 6 dollars to him as opposed to me? I worked hard for tips and for him to rudely sweep it from me was a huge disrespect.

Two friends were trying to hit on me all night and it was not working. One of the guys would constantly order a Pineapple Malibu but instead of saying that he would say Pineapple Ma-I-love-you... I told him he was a cheesy dickhead. HAHAHAHAHA! The other friend would just whisper sweet nothings into my ear and asked for my number. I wanted to say no but I don't really know how to politely say it so I said, I'll think about it - just come back next week and we'll see.

He said to me that he loves how I carry myself and that he can see that I have a great sense of character so if I tell him to come next week, he will wait for me and come next week - then he kissed my hand and I mentally vomited.

An intense fight broke out again, this time leading into the middle of the city's intersection.