Monday, July 4, 2011


I went to the zoo. I love going to the zoo - I love animals so much. Hahaha, they're awkwardness and stupidity makes my day!

I first went to eat breakfast where I tried hollindaise sauce for the first time! Its delicious!

I thought he was picking critters off a toy but thats another baby chimp

My favourite part of the zoo was when I got to watch the baboon feeding. The zoologist prepared the empty side of the cage with carrots then opened the gates to let them all in. They scurried in and started picking up each carrot into their arms, running around with their hind legs to try and grab as much as possible!
I never knew Wombats were so large

Bahaha and they're not of that much beauty (snake was brown)

They were so greedy! Then they would sit down with their pile at the feet and get angry at anyone who tried to steal it.
One turtle, two turtles, three turtles, IGUANA

Baby freshwater croc

I also enjoyed the wild piggies.. I don't remember what they were called. They were so adorable with their wiggling snouts and short skinny legs that hold up their pounded bodies. I took the most adorable picture of them!

My favourite <3