Thursday, July 14, 2011


I went over to my boss' other business to have a meeting with him. He finally dubbed me as a bar manager and acknowledged that I had been doing the role for a while without the title now. YAY!

Well, I wasn't really that excited because the job still feels the same. Yawn. We discussed some issues then I decided that my little pay rise should be commended with a little shopping.

I bought myself some pretty underwear to add to my collection of only tomboy, cartoon or granny grundies - I thought I should grow up a little on the inside too. Hahahahha!

Anyway, I felt like James Bond in my outfit today, with a long jacket, loafer looking shoes and sunnies. I took this photo ONLY for you to understand how I was feeling, I do NOT wear sunnies in change rooms and shopping centres.

I came home with Subway and Kevin and AJ cooked barramundi chowder soup and pavlova for dessert. It was delicious!

I tried all my underwear on for AJ and she asked me why I don't go and own myself a push up bra! I didn't really see the need for them for me yet but I tried on one she had. AND HOLY SHIT, those things are illusionists! I looked like I was breastfeeding. It is a bewilderment and amazement to how fooling women are ;)

My laptop hinge has slowly been unhinging so I'm going to send it in tomorrow. They said I'll get it on Monday so I hope everyone has a merry weekend!


Anonymous said...

more pics of ya knickers please dee xx mwah xx