Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In the morning I went to the specialist to get checked out for the secret sickness I am fighting. They said I am all tip top except they're worried about a little area but right now its posing no threat.

As Michael did a huge favour taking work off to take me all the way to the specialist (I didn't ask him to!! I was perfectly happy transporting), I decided to shout him lunch. So we went and visited our friend's cafe. All of Michael's cousins were there and I ate fish and wedges and Michael ate souvlaki.

They wouldn't take my money but I was so adamant that after about 2 hours they accepted it.

I craved chocolate so I went to the grocery store and bought myself a packet. Uh oh that could only mean one thing maybe.... *cough* womanhood.

I decided that the golf ball/ping pong/pearl scale fish that I saw that very first day I bought fishies has been on my mind long enough so we went to a few pet aquariums in the area to try and find it. No one had it so we went back to the original place - it was posted at $30 and now I understand why, its pretty rare here.

I told the guy that his son said I could have it for $25 (that's the truth) and so I bought the healthiest but still a little plump looking one.

Here is one that has inflated to the point of no return and no movements. I feel sorry for him but he looks SO cute!

Anyway, I brought the plump ping pong ball home to join the gang, he's a little aggressive but maybe he just has to get used to my friendly home. Or maybe its because he's the biggest one now.. hmmm....
I named him dragonball because he looks like one...

Afterwards, we went to eat stone grill and it was SO DELICIOUS!!! They recently renovated and I have been craving it for ages. We also scored a free dish because they accidentally gave it to us instead of another table. The funny thing was they said that it was garfish (which is what we ordered).

We were eating it and we were like, this is so a quail! Why the hell would this be garfish!? Then the waitress came to tell us the mistake.
My eye fillet

I settled home, watched my fishies then an episode of Weeds.