Friday, July 15, 2011


How I spent my days are so vague since they were over a week ago. So I apologise!! I only just got my laptop...

So let's time travel back to the 15/07/11...



I packed and went to work. After I finished work, Hollie and I decided to smash some tequilas down but I went a little too quickly and I started to feel it a little.

We had the RUDEST security guard telling us to get off stage. We weren't drunk. The stage isn't prohibited and other girls were dancing about with no class so we were so confused as to why we were singled out. We told him that we work here and we mean no harm but he swore at us to get off.


I was SO stunned so I said, "Look, you're talking to women here and it would be much more appreciated if you just kindly said, I'd like you to leave the stage rather than instantly yell at us when we gave you no attitude"

He responded with "I don't care if you're ladies or not I want you to F***ING get off now!"

The other security guard came up and told him off for being really rude to us. It was so strange! We were so confused, we didn't know what we did to piss him off. He gave me the rude finger as I walked off, so I flipped the lady bird back.
(This is an old picture but apparently this DJ left it as his display picture for AGES AND AGES making it out like we're his pimp ladies! HAHAHAHA)

The second time we tried to climb back on stage, we thought the security guards had rotated post. As we got to the stage, he turned around and both of us were like "SHIT. ITS HIM! HAHAHA"

Then he went on a crazy, aggressive rampage again! Telling us to get off! Meanwhile, other girls were clambering on stage to strut their moves... I asked him for a reason but he just continued swearing! I was so shocked.
I love tulips, they were at my work this morning!

Hollie and I got over it, so we just continued dancing elsewhere. It was then time for Michael, Darren and I to leave to head to Lorne (which is the coast) for their cousin's birthday getaway. I pretty much fell asleep in 2 hour drive there.

At one point I woke up to the car slamming the brakes as a kangaroo had stubbornly situated itself on the road. The air was super foggy too so the visibility was a factor in the slow reaction time.

I was super dooper tired so I crashed in my designated room at the holiday house. They gave me such a nice room with my own bathroom. I brought a sleeping bag thinking I'd be crashing on the couch or floor!