Monday, July 11, 2011

Magical Soup

I went to the doctors then I stopped by the groceries. I bought ingredients to make myself a chicken soup from scratch to hopefully rejuvenate myself back into tip top condition.

It worked! My soup was so magical that I felt a lot better. Kevin, AJ, Michael, Raph and I were all hanging out in the lounge room. We talked about random topics such as Carl Weiss and we all tried to long jump our height in standing position. Apparently, if you can it means you're fit.

My legs are sore from jumping now. Afterwards I craved carbonated drinks so badly so I went and bought Ginger Beer.

I settled down with The Good Wife, played guitar for a little bit then Youtubed random stuff like songs off the Lion King soundtrack.

Kevin barged in on me when he was leaving and I got a little angry saying that I could've been changing. I find him being a little bit attention seeking to try and double, triple, quadruple check that I'm not angry. But really all that immature behaviour is pushing me away further. I don't like needy people around me because I'm independent.

I'm so spiteful lately. Apparently, so he told AJ, he's deleted my number so he has no temptation to contact me first and he'll wait until I invite him out before AJ, him and I can all hang out together. This sounds so petty, we're meant to be best friends, not kindergarten buddies.

Michael and I then had a serious deep & meaningful about how I feel for my Wednesday appointment with the specialist. I think I've been so negligent and ignorant. Stubborness usually correlates with strength but I think sometimes I have to let my guard down and see the brighter picture. Michael took Wednesday morning off to come with me when I didn't need anyone but as much as I won't admit it to him - he's a good friend and its nice to be able to lean on someone. I've been a lone warrior for too long.

I think I've stayed strong for everyone else that I've clouded my real thoughts to keep me from being weak. I can't believe I hadn't taken this seriously until now.