Sunday, July 17, 2011


I WOKE UP FROM THE MOST BEEEAUUUTIIIFULLL SLEEP! I hadn't had decent sleep in a long while so those 11 hours did wonders on my fragile body!

I woke up to have some bacon and toast. Then I fell asleep to nap again. Then I woke up and realised that I hadn't taken passport photos for my diving course which was tomorrow. So once again I made Michael set sail on a road trip in hunt for a place that did passport photos!

If you forgot, I was in an area of just beach and bush so the variety of shops were scarce. Luckily we found a chemist that did passport photos an hour away in Torquay!

The drive there was really beautiful. Something about the sky made the sea reflect a border of dark blue, then a sudden gradient of just baby grey azure. I didn't get to take a photo but it was a sight to take in and remember!

We got there and the lady snapped my photo with no warning so I looked like a grumpy bum! Then Michael and I got lunch at a pizza joint - there was SOO much packed onto the pizza but surprisingly it was pretty bland and okay. I think it needed some seasoning or sauce to kick all the flavours in.

We drove back (I took snapshots but by then it was so glum) and I gave Darren a head massage then Michael gave me an awesome massage hahaha. I watched two dancing movies, Stomp the Yard and You Got Served then had burnt carbonara for dinner.

Mum called me and we had a huge conversation about her wanting me to move back to Brisbane so she can take care of me and how she will be expecting me in August. I asked if she was disappointed in how lost I was and she was supportive but also hinted in disappointment.

We then just caught up on other things. I felt bad because I missed Leang's birthday cake and song but this was important to me. I sat outside for hours just talking to mum and then talking to Peter about my feelings and confusion. I don't know why I called Peter but I felt like I needed to talk to someone that was detached from everyone else.

Then I went to bed as I had to wake up super early the next day to start my diving course at 7:30am back in Melbourne.