Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I worked during the day.

Then I met with Phillip for dinner at Longrain, a fusion Thai restaurant. He told me that it was going to be casual but I'm pretty sure that was fine dining. The place was filled with corporates, ladies in lovely dresses and I in sneakers and a sweater.
Seared yellow fin tuna

Phillip ordered some excellent choices but forgot that I was allergic to crustaceans and shellfish. I was devastated. We had to change a few of the menus but everything was still so beautiful.
Hock and Papaya salad (I've never heard of hock before until now, its the ankle equivalent on humans!)

Afterwards, we walked in the rain and he took me home. Things got seriously awkward with him so I dismissed his request to come over. What's with everyone's heads lately?

Michael came over and AJ, Michael and I went to all get late night Hungry Jacks.