Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sydney Boys

My blog posts are like Swiss cheese with holes in them here and there. My laptop was in service for too long for my short term memory to cope with all the events. My apologies!

Michael and I cooked migoreng for lunch. Then Michael, AJ and I hung out in the kitchen as I cooked butter chicken. Phuong came over and we all feasted on my Indian goodness.

The rice took forever so the dinner started losing suspense. Me and AJ went on a natural high in the kitchen dancing to music as we waited for the rice. We were like two little school girls that were celebrating our first crush, dancing about and doing all kinds of moves that would be in a NEVER EVER DO ON A DANCEFLOOR text book.

They dropped me off to work and they decided to hang about and have some drinks. Kevin joined us at Baraki.

Then they left and work carried on. There was this guy that got my colleague to tap me on the shoulder and he cheered his two beers in his hands and winked at me. I said to my colleague, "I didn't serve that guy.. why is he doing that?"

And he goes, "I SERVED HIM! I have no idea but someone likes you! HAHAHAHA."

Another guy was hanging about the bar and just kept on winking at me every time I glanced over. It was so disgusting. Then a lady pulled her body across the bar to touch my face. I thought I had something on my face but instead she whispers, "You are so beautiful."

I just bulged my eyes and tugged on my collar whilst shuddering... uguhghghgh.

I got a decent amount of tips that night though. I then had a surprise visit from my friend in Sydney, James. It made me happy that he came to see me at work even though I hadn't told him the directions.

Now, James told me to keep silence about the rest of the night as some ladies fancied him. The night ended with a big fight between egotistical men, one man got bottled and about 15 - 20 cop cars turned up, no joke.

A little chubby boy outside started hanging out with James, James, John and I. Obviously he was drunk. He introduced himself to me and just grabbed my hand. Then he asked me out for coffee and I said to just come visit me here instead.

I didn't know how to say no so me and one of the James pretended that we were dating. It was so hilarious awkwardly trying to be intimate.