Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goldfish Gang

Deeny is sick again! I woke up with tonsilitis and feeling feverish. I was so sad as it wasn't long ago that I had a fever either. I rested in the morning then went to Victoria Market to get some bratwurst sausage lunch and then the pet shop to buy more members for my goldfish family.

This pet shop was pretty big and housed so many reptiles. We saw adorable dachshund, pomeranian, staffy puppies, a cockatoo eating a french fry, snakes, lizards, turtles etc.

I ended up buying two goldfishes, an Oranda and a Panda Moor.

I named this fella Panda.

And this brainiac after the famous pirate, Captain Bartholomew (Roberts). I just thought his head looked like it was an explorer, a leader of some sort. He also looks like he's got some sort of mullet going on so I had to give him a ridiculously, long cheesy name.

Afterwards I had a nap then went to eat buffet at Crown Casino. It was average but still delicious, I even treated myself to two oysters and luckily enough had no reaction this time! All I felt was just feverish and sick and that's pretty much how my night ended.
The gang

I love my fishies.