Saturday, July 16, 2011

In-House Barman

The bed was much better quality compared to my one at home on milk crates and the pillows were so soft! Regrettably, I booked my dive medical early at 9am so I had to wake up with only a couple of hours sleep and make Michael drive an hour and a bit to take me to the doctors.

She tested my lung capacity, eye sight, hearing, balance, blood pressure, neurological well being and my general health to make sure that I was all tip top to cope with the pressures of diving. I passed with ease!

We all decided to go on a little trek to see the waterfalls. Unfortunately, the weather was rainy so our shoes were caked in mud.

Afterwards we drove for a couple of hours up to Apollo Bay - to end up doing nothing but eat fish & chips then return back to the holiday house.

We came back and they started drinking which called for my bartending skills. I really couldn't be bothered drinking so I was happy staying behind the kitchen bar cutting up fruits and vegies to make miscellaneous cocktail carafes. I had fun too, because I got to experiment and at work I can't waste alcohol just experimenting.

As the night pulled over its dark blanket over the bright sky, the heavier drinks came about. Everyone started shooting tequila shots one after the other. I hung about the younger kids so I wouldn't get caught in the peer pressure hahaha!

Everyone's emotions cracked and they all started crying out of no where. It was so strange! I just went about fluttering my arms out to those crying and in total confusion. After everyone settled down and ate their chicken parmigiana, my short sleep hit my mind and my eyelids became heavy.

I helped Michael and Darren vomit their worries away, chucked them in the shower, had one myself then I crashed to bed. It was only 10pm.